John Howard Memoirs

When The Spectator asked me to draw this week's cover, I was a little dubious about drawing a 'Glory of John Howard' illustration. I'm not a fan of Howard, but I have lamented the fact that I only started doing caricature jobs a year or so ago, and missed out on drawing the long-running Prime Minister when he was in office. As it turned out, I was right - he's very fun to draw. Of course, his eyebrows have been tamed for years, but that won't stop me! I tried to convey his pride, stubbornness, single-mindedness and a little bit of mellowness and reflection, since retirement.

The cover story coincides with the publication of his memoirs. Below is the final art:

Please click for a closer look...

'John Howard Memoirs' illustration by Anton Emdin

Sketch (in temporary layout), below:

'John Howard Memoirs' sketch by Anton Emdin

I haven't been sent the published cover. Will add it when I have it.