‘Rise of China’ Spectator cover

Cover art for Spectator Australia. The story I was provided warns of China's growth and power, and how it affects Australia and the US. Please click for a closer look...

'Rise of China' artwork by Anton Emdin

The Process

First I draw a quick thumbnail rough (below) to show the editor the composition I have in mind.

'Rise of China' thumbnail rough by Anton Emdin

Then I use the thumb as a basis for a quick rough (below):

'Rise of China' rough by Anton Emdin

Then I polish it up into a clean sketch (in layout, below):

'Rise of China' sketch by Anton Emdin

Then I ink and colour, checking the art looks good in the magazine's 'furniture' (ie. the title and type around it).

Finished art (in layout, below):

'Rise of China' cover layout by Anton Emdin

But in between me drawing this and publication, The Spectator decided to change their cover layout, so the image was cropped by the art department and published like this:

'Rise of China' published cover by Anton Emdin

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