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Illustrators Australia 2010 Calendar

Unsure of what year it is? Having trouble distinguishing weekdays from weekends? Well, do I have the answer for you... The Illustrators Australia 2010 Calendar!

Illustrators Australia 2010 Calendar

Featuring an illustration on each month from Marie Larkin, Alastair Taylor, Greg Holt, Lachlan Creagh, Andrea Innocent, Louise Kyriakou, Dean Gorissen, Sonia Kretschmar, Marc Lynch, Tanya Cooper and Nigel Buchanan, and yours truly, Anton Emdin.

Illustrators Australia 2010 Calendar

You can buy one (or more - they make good Chrissie presents!) from

The images were taken from the A3 show, and the my chosen one was Jungle Booty, below.

Jungle Booty