NRMA Foldout

Here is an illustration for NRMA through Mercer-Bell and The Drawing Book. Originally another Drawing Book artist had done rough sketches for it, but due to illness, I was asked to take over the project. I thought it would be a simple case of inking and colouring a sketch, but in fact very little had been completed, so I pretty much started from scratch. I managed to save a few nice elements, though, such as some of the cars and a few buildings, while injecting my style into it to keep it succinct. It turned out to be a big job, with many changes, and logistical hurdles. It is a foldout, so the elements on the edges had to match up when folded in.

Shown below is the first rendering of the art. In the final, published version I made a few changes to buildings and trees and toned the colour down dramatically on the sky and background.

NRMA Foldout - published version

To see the rest of the published version, please visit:

I still love the bright version too, so here it is, below. Click the images for a larger view.

NRMA Foldout (closed)

NRMA Foldout (open)

Miles enjoys a centrefold just as much as the next guy...

Miles inspects the artwork in Open Road magazine

Miles studies the illustration while April does a bit of work