Best of True Blue Confessions 2010

WARNING: ADULT MATERIAL MAY OFFEND SOME VIEWERS. LOWBROW HUMOUR WILL OFFEND ALL VIEWERS. Each week I draw up a couple of illustrations to illustrate readers' sexual encounter stories in Australian People magazine. Last year I posted heaps of them - too many - so this year I've culled them to just a handful of my favourites. So out of the 104, here are 16 that make me chuckle.

The style changed a little over the year. I started with more shaded, painterly look. This looked great on the screen, but the magazine is printed on pretty pulpy paper, and my shading and texture worked against me, making the illos look dull and flat on the printed page. So I move back to flat colours with a bolder linework style to help them 'pop' off the page a little more.