The Phatsville Reader

Here's a fun illo for the inside cover of Phatsville #17...

'Phatsville Reader' illustration © Anton Emdin 2012. Please do not reproduce without written permission.  All rights reserved.

Brush and ink on paper, digital tone

Created in 2002 by Giles Kilham, Ben C., Glenn Manders, Tom Scarlett and John Stewart, Phatsville has had a hefty parade of talented Aussie comic artists march through it over the years. It's funny as hell. And in poor taste. I guess that's why I like it.

Anyway, it's on sale now... go to your local comic store or get in touch with the guys through the Phatsville FB page to grab your copy. Look out for the amazing wraparound cover by Ben Sea!

Phatsville #17 cover © Ben Sea / Ben Constantine 2012

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~ Anton