Finalists for Cartoonist of the Year

Very surprised (and honoured) to read this news:2012 Stanleys Log

Gold Rush For Cartoonist Of The Year

The Australian Cartoonists Association is proud to announce the six finalists for the Gold Stanley for Cartoonist Of The Year to be announced at the 28th Stanley Awards in Newcastle on November 17.

Named after the famous 1930’s legendary Smiths’ Weekly Cartoonist (and ACA Past President) Stan Cross and his timeless cartoon - “For gorsake, stop laughing - this is serious!”, the Stanley Awards are globally recognised and revered.

Award categories include comic strip, single gag, editorial/political, caricature, illustration and comic book art. Finalists and winners of these awards will be announced during the Stanley Awards dinner.

The finalists for the Gold Stanley Award sponsored by the Herald Sun are (in alphabetical order):

Peter Broelman – editorial cartoonist for Fairfax and APN regional newspapers and recipient of the Gold Stanley in 2005 and 2009.

Anton Emdin – freelance illustrator for MAD, The Spectator, People and last year’s Gold Stanley winner.

Mark Knight – editorial cartoonist from the Herald Sun who was awarded the Gold Stanley in 2006 and is also a three-time Walkley Award winner for Best Cartoon.

Glen Le Lievre – freelance cartoonist with The New Yorker, the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

David Pope – editorial cartoonist from the Canberra Times and 2010 Gold Stanley winner.

David Rowe – editorial artist with the Australian Financial Review who has collected three Gold Stanleys in 2002, 2007 and 2008 and is also a two-time Walkley Award recipient.

Congratulations to all nominees.

Good luck to Broels, Mark, Glen, Pope and Rowe! Really an honour to be in such fine company.


Cheers, Anton! Signature by and © Anton Emdin 2012. All rights reserved.