Talking MAD at the 2013 Stanleys

The 29th Annual Stan Cross ('Stanley') Awards Weekend is almost upon us!  Only a week and a half till a bunch of Australia's cartooning denizens flock together for two days of workshops, seminars, eating, drinking, catching up, drawing joking and relaxing.  Oh, and did I mention drinking? Like the USA's 'Reubens', the 'Stanleys' move around each year, and this time it is set in lovely Coffs Harbour.  In fact, the first Stanleys I attended was up at Coffs in '08 or '09, and I have fond memories (or lack of on some nights!) of relaxing in the pool and meeting some amazing people - many of whom are my good friends today.


This year there are some great seminars including Tim McEwen and David Blumenstein on the Aussie comic scene, literary agent Brian Cook, a caricature masterclass with MAD's uber-talented Tom Richmond*, and Jason Chatfield showing off the new Wacom Cintiq Companion.  I'll be on a panel with Tom Richmond and Australian MAD editor DJ Williams on writing and drawing a MAD parody, which should be really interesting - hey, I might learn something!

There are still spots available, so get in touch with or download the registration form here.  I should mention that the International Rotary Cartooning Awards are on in Coffs as well (on the Friday night) so it will be an extra big affair!  Lots of fun, I'm sure.


See you in Coffs!

Anton! Signature by and © Anton Emdin 2012. All rights reserved.

*Not to be missed!  I did his 2010 class and learned SO much.  Tom's a great teacher, and one of the best caricaturists working today.