NAFDA 2014

The latest in a series of cover art for hospitality trade magazine NAFDA.  This one features the chef, waitress and kitchenhand in a busy street scene comprising of different areas of hospitality. NAFDA 2014 cover art.  Illustration © Anton Emdin 2014.  All rights reserved.

This time I also produced an illustration for the interior, with a similar concept.  Please click for a closer look...

Illustration and Cartoon

And here are the thumbnail roughs and sketches for both illustrations.  Again, please click for a larger view...

Cover illustration (sketches) for NAFDA featuring a head chef, waitress, and kitchenhand in a busy street.  Illustration © Anton Emdin 2014.

NAFDA 2014 interior (sketches) magazine Illustration by and © Copyright Anton Emdin 2014.  All Rights Reserved.  Please do not reproduce without express written permission.

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Anton! Signature by and © Anton Emdin 2012. All rights reserved.