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Aussie Icons

Penthouse Magazine / Filthy Gorgeous Media / Editor: Nathan Harmond & Damien Costas

Large double page-spread for Australian Penthouse magazine featuring a whole swag of Australian celebrities and icons.

Putting together a large scene like this is fairly tricky; getting the flow and composition to gel, then the colour work to sing makes it one of the tougher illustration styles, but one that I've come to enjoy over the years.

Initial Rough Thumbnail




Hugh Hefner

MAD Magazine / E.C. Comics / DC Comics

When Playboy decided to drop nudity from its pages, MAD magazine wondered if Hugh Hefner might be more aroused by a can of soup than the image of a naked woman.

I drew this using a more painterly technique where I colour directly over my pencils to give the art a softer look than with the classic 'line & colour' using hard inked linework.


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Initial Thumbnail #2

Initial Thumbnail #3

Sketch -- nod to Kurtzman and Elder's Little Annie Fanny


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