Stan Lee’s Cameo illustration for MAD

Half-page illustration for MAD (Aust) #456

Selected Deleted Scenes from IRON MAN 2 That Won't Even Appear on the DVD!

Writers: D.J. Williams and A.J. Eldridge / Artist: Anton Emdin

Stan Lee's Cameo illustration for MAD's Iron Man 2 satire

Scene #17 -- Stan Lee's Cameo

Contractual agreement #542.11 between movie producers and Marvel Comics states that Stan Lee, the Godfather of superhero comics, must make a cameo appearance in each Marvel movie - and this was no exception. The only difference was this time the fine print said Stan should appear STARK naked. The 22 minute shower scene, although sensual, had no bearing on the plot of the movie what-so-ever and the run time would have made the movie far too long. It was also cut due to the amount of good water wasted for no reason.