New York and Jersey ~ Part Two ~ The Reubens

The 64th Annual Reuben Awards. Wow. Where do I start? It all happened at the Hyatt, Jersey City, right on the Hudson River overlooking the majestic New York skyline. The Reubens are a three-day conference with seminars from leading cartoonists and comic artists, capped every night by dinner and drinks; the main event being the Reuben awards night banquet.

Anton Emdin - Reubens nominee

I met a ton of amazing artists. Way too many to name. But I'll try. I managed to get a few photos, but sometimes it was too awkward to pull the camera out. I also plucked up the courage to pass a little sketchbook around, and managed to collect some excellent drawings over the weekend to serve as a souvenir for the event. I'll scan and post a few here. All content copyright the respective artist.

I think the best way to describe things is to post a few photos, and ramble on...

John Kovaleski and Jenny Robb

John Kovaleski (Bo Nanas & Me, Myself and My Puppet, amongst others) enthrals Jenny Robb with his paper-slapping technique.


George Booth tickles himself pink

New Yorker gag legend George Booth tickles himself pink, repeatedly.


Bill Plympton

Animator Bill Plympton showed a few films, did some live drawing and signed cards after the talk.


Joe Kubert is read his last rites

Hey, not too bad!

Comic art pioneer Joe Kubert does the blindfold drawing test.


Dotti Sinnott and Ash Kinchin

Ash ponders her karaoke song choice...


Mason and Mick Mastroianni

BC and Wizard of ID artist & writer brothers Mason and Mick Mastroianni at the karaoke party


Tom Richmond is very happy to draw a caricature of me

Stephen Silver escorts his imaginary date, while Tom Richmond goofs it up drawing a caricature of me.


The welcome screen with Tom Richmond's excellent artwork

The Reubens awards night banquet begins...


Tom Gambill puts on a great show

Comedy writer for Saturday Night Live, The Simpsons, and a whole lot more, Tom Gammill hosted the night and put on a great show. The Godfather spoof that opened the evening was particularly great, with Family Circus artist and NCS President Jeff Keane doing a superb Brando impersonation. Top notch!


Mark Parisi and Dan Thompson

Mark Parisi (Off the Mark) and Dan Thompson (Rip Haywire) trying to look sober.


Adrian Sinnott, Stan Goldberg, and me

Illustrator Adrian C. Sinnott and I flank Marvel, Archie (and a ton more) legend and all-time nice guy, Stan Goldberg.


My name in lights... briefly

I won't lie when I say that I was pretty nervous here. Speech-making is not my forte, but luckily that honour went to Ray Alma who made a great heartfelt speech when he took out the Magazine Illustration award.


Eddie Pittman drawing in my sketchbook

Eddie Pittman (Red's Planet) draws me one of his slick characters.


Myself, Ray Alma, and Tom Richmond

The Magazine Illustration nominees; Tom and myself, with winner Ray Alma.


Stephen Silver, Sam Viviano, and that Aussie guy

Stephen Silver (character designer for Kim Possible and a whole lot more) and MAD Magazine Art Director and artist Sam Viviano agree to take my money in exchange for a photo


Leif Peng humours me

Leif Peng writes a great blog called Today's Inspiration and is updating it telepathically while drawing in my sketchbook.


Barry Reynolds and partner Audrey

Secret of Kells character designer Barry Reynolds and Audrey tolerate my drunken ramblings.


Mike Lynch

Gag cartoonist Mike Lynch at the Presidential Suite after-party.


Paul Gilligan, Jay Stephens and Sean Parkes hanging tough

The rat pack: Paul Gilligan (Pooch Cafe), Jay Stephens (Land of Nod, Jetcat) and Sean Parkes live it up in the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately I don't have a photo of Terry LaBan. Both he and Jay Stephens were big influences on my art when I started inking in the early 90's.


Michael Kupperman and Anton Emdin

Michael Kupperman was part of the inaugural NCS New Yorker smackdown on the last night. Six New Yorker cartoonists drew gags live on stage, with the audience determining the subject matter. I had a cracking headache, quite possibly due to drinking till sunrise. I really wanted to meet Michael, as he is probably the funniest cartoonist known to mankind. But my head was throbbing and I was ready to bail. Luckily my lovely wife, Ash, forced me to go up to him, grovel like a fan-boy, get a picture, and have quite a good conversation. Well, at least that's what I thought!


Jerry Robinson and moi

After meeting Michael, I was on a high. I spun around and grabbed the first person I saw: Jerry Robinson, the creator of The Joker character from Batman. He had no idea who I was, but was very polite anyway. At this point, I needed to pass out, and retired to my room.


Goodbye Reubens, hello MAD... Please visit Part Three.