Best of True Blue Confessions 2009

WARNING: ADULT MATERIAL MAY OFFEND SOME VIEWERS. LOWBROW HUMOUR WILL OFFEND ALL VIEWERS. Every week I draw two illustrations for People magazine's regular True Blue Confessions section. The Australian version differs from the US version (which is published in Australia as Who) in that it is a 'lads mag' and features nude girls. I've worked with People (and their competitors, The Picture earlier) for many years now, drawing hundreds of illos of in the tone of blue.

Due to the nature of this work, I rarely showcased these in in my online portfolio, but now that I have a blog these beauties have a second chance in public life!

True Blue Confessions is a section in the mag where readers write in stories of their sexual sexploits (think Penthouse Letters) and my job is to draw two of them every week. I haven't included the stories, but hopefully you can work them out! I try to inject humour into them that may not be present in the story, but I always follow details and try to respect the writer and readers of the magazine. To make life interesting, I have rules to follow: No genitals or explicit contact, always show the girls in a good light, try not to make the guys too ugly, and always make the girls the focus - at least partially nude.

I spend a couple of days a week drawing these, and I must say that I thoroughly enjoy it. I mean, who wouldn't like to draw sexy nude girls for a living? It also hones my drawing skills and allows me to experiment with colour. When I started these People ones in early 2008 I used a painted, textured style of colouring, but after a while I noticed that the illustrations receded into the printed page. The thinner paper stock seemed to bleed and dull the colours, and the hours I would put in to the shading and texturing seemed to work against the illustrations.

So in 2009 I decided to go a different route; to colour them with flat, hard-edged shading only. These really did pop out of the page, but lacked the subtle shading that made the bodies sensual and nicely formed. This year I am painting them with a mixture of the two styles, and they are really working nicely. So much so, in fact, that they have increased the section to two pages and bumped up the size of the illustrations. But you'll have to wait until 2011 to see that crop! Or just get a subscription to People - go on... you're just reading it for the illustrations!

And speaking of which, here they are. Out of 104, I have selected 40 of my favourites. Enjoy.