GRAPHIC Decompressing from the weekend. Went to see a few events at Sydney's inaugural GRAPHIC program at The Sydney Opera House . On Saturday night it was Neil Gaiman reading a short story, accompanied by string quartet Fourplay and art on a large screen by Eddie Campbell. Drinks afterwards, then a four hour sleep, kids off to grandparents, then Gary Groth talking about the history of Fantagraphics Books, lunch, then listened to Shaun Tan, Neil Gaiman and Eddie Campbell chat about 'The Evolution of an Idea'. Cofffee, chatting, then off to eat steak and drink beer with guys from the Australian Cartoonists' Association at King Street Wharf before stumbling home.

Phew. Had a great time, and chatted with so many great comic artists - many old friends, and a few new ones. I think it was a great success, and the overall tone was one of maturity and respect for the art form. Definitely a class above the usual comic conventions I've been going to. I'm looking forward to next year.