‘Greens Hulk’ cover (and process)

Here is this week's Spectator cover; featuring Hulk-sized Bob Brown accidentally stomping on Parliament house! This was a really fun one for me, being a comic book fan. And what artist doesn't enjoy drawing oversized, muscly, green dudes anyway? 'Greens Hulk' magazine cover

A quick overview of the process

This was a really quick turnaround (a day) so I just submitted a couple of quick rough variations on the Hulk theme (which was too good to pass on). Thumbnail Roughs are very quick, small sketches to get the composition and idea down on paper. Here they are, below:

Thumbnail rough for 'Greens Hulk' magazine cover

Thumbnail rough for 'Greens Hulk' magazine cover

The editor liked both, but chose the first one, so I went ahead and drew up a more polished sketch. I like to draw fairly tight pencils, as it allows me to really focus on the quality of line in the inking stage, rather than worry where the lines are going. Sketch below:

Pencil sketch for 'Greens Hulk' magazine cover

No changes on the sketch, so onto the inks (below):

Inks for 'Greens Hulk' magazine cover

And then I press the 'Colour Bob Brown as Hulk Crushing Parliament' button is Photoshop, and voile! The final colour version, below:

'Greens Hulk' magazine cover

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