MAD Glee Parody

I am very excited to have drawn my first (and hopefully not last!) classic MAD parody! Below is the art for Australian MAD's Glee satire for the current issue (#461).

Please click for a closer look...

MAD Glee parody pages 1 - 2 -- Final Art

And here are the pages, with speech bubbles:

MAD Glee parody pages 1 - 2 (with speech bubbles)


MAD Glee parody pages 3 - 4 (with speech bubbles)

Want to read the gags? Go out and buy this month's Aussie MAD!

Interestingly, Tom Richmond and I were both drawing Glee parodies concurrently for the US and Aussie editions, but the Aussie MAD decided to hold back on publication for some reason. Tom and I swapped illos when we were done, and I was blown away by his art. I thought drawing the main 12 characters was hard enough... check out Tom's!

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