Kerry O’Brien Cover Art for The Spectator

It seems that Mark Latham has a beef with Kerry O'Brien. According to Latham, Kerry is a crap interviewer, and an even worse driver. Find out why in this week's Australian Spectator. Please click for a closer look.

Kerry O'Brien finished art for The Spectator by Anton Emdin

I got a call (actually, it was an email, but call sounds better, doesn't it?) in the morning asking if I could do the cover art by the afternoon. Pretty tight, but working for The Spectator is always smooth sailing, so I knew it would be fine.

I actually love a short deadline - it stops me fuffing around and second-guessing myself. Some of my favourite illustrations were done quickly. Below is the published cover.

Kerry O'Brien published art for The Spectator by Anton Emdin

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