Spectator Covers 2010

It's been a great year for politics. Us illustrators and cartoonists have been loving the characters! Here are all the Spectator covers I've drawn during 2010. I've blogged the complete process for a lot of them, so search for the actual entries in The Spectator section.

Burned at the Stake Spectator Cover

Labor Race illustration by Anton Emdin

'Private Eyes' Spectator cover art

'Rise of the Welsh Dragon' cover art for The Spectator Australia

Julia and the Communards cover by Anton Emdin

'Knife Edge' Spectator cover illustration

'Greens Hulk' magazine cover

'Cooks' published cover

'Rise of China' published cover by Anton Emdin

Howard Memoirs cover art by Anton Emdin

Kerry O'Brien published art for The Spectator by Anton Emdin

WikiLeaks Julian Assange cover for The Spectator by Anton Emdin

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