Flooded Spectator Cover

This week's cover art for The Spectator Australia illustrates the divide between politics and nature in the wake of the devastating Queensland (and Victorian) floods. Flooded Spectator Cover art by Anton Emdin

A Quick Process

Rough 'thumbnail' layouts. The editor liked both, and gave me the choice. I chose the first one, as I think it's good to show eyes on a magazine cover.

Thumbnail rough for 'Flooded' art by Anton Emdin

Thumbnail rough for 'Flooded' art by Anton Emdin

And the finished sketch, below.

Sometimes I almost prefer the sketch over the finished art. For this traditional style of magazine art, the pencil shading works really nicely. Perhaps something to try another time.

Sketch for 'Flooded' art by Anton Emdin

Thanks for looking, and a tip of the hat to Katsushika Hokusai!