Ewww! for Eeek!

When the talented Jason Paulos asked me to contribute a pinup for his horror & suspense comic Eeek! I was very excited. Well, actually, I thought he was just drunk, but when he asked me again the next week I picked up the pencil and got busy on this little number... Ewww! pinup for Eeek! Comics by Anton Emdin

I originally started drawing a 'serious' horror pinup, but soon enough my humorous tendencies kicked in, and at some stage late into the night it occurred to me that it might be more fun to draw the killer as a snooty girl, grossed out by the blood of her victim's severed head.

Below is a quick process, from the rough, to sketch, inks and finished art. Just click on the first one, then hit the right arrow. Easy.

Thanks for stopping by! And don't forget to drop into www.eeekcomic.com to get the latest news on Eeek! It's a damn fine read, and available to buy online and at all good comic stores and newsagents, both here in Australia and the US.

Cheers, Anton