How to Throw a Bucks Party

WARNING: CONTAINS FEMALE NUDITY AND BAD TASTE. Here we have the next in the "DIY: How to..." series from Australian People Magazine - How To: Throw a Bucks Party. I'm still waiting on the finished layout, with the gags, so will post that when it arrives.

Please click for a closer view...

Bucks Party artwork by Anton Emdin

A Quick Process

Rough and Sketch

I start off with a rough sketch that I send to my editor. I want to make sure he is happy with it before I spend too much more time on refining the pencils.

Bucks Party art by Anton Emdin

Ed is happy, so I tidy up the sketch. I like pencil it pretty tightly, as I find that it makes it easier for the inking stage if I know exactly what I'm doing. I've also paid homage to (or perhaps satirised) Hanuka's The Possibility of an Island with the leery uncle and main figure.

Bucks Party art by Anton Emdin


This one is 'inked' digitally using my Cintiq tablet. While I love my brush and ink, I can do this at least twice as fast digitally. The downside is that I don't have as much original art as I used to. So I take the opacity of the sketch down, add a new layer, and draw over the top of it.

Bucks Party art by Anton Emdin


Here I block in the main areas of colour. This is the start of the general colour mood, but as I have done each colour on a new layer (in Photoshop) I can CMD+Click the layer thumbnail to easily select the area to work on.

Bucks Party art by Anton Emdin

And from there, it's just working away at the colour until I'm happy with it. And the finished art, again:

Bucks Party artwork by Anton Emdin

Thanks for looking!