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The Roger Project

I showed this in my previous Stanleys wrapup, but I thought it deserved its own post. Lindsay Foyle with The Australian Cartoonists Association recently collected 35 original pieces from friends of Roger Fletcher to celebrate 35 years of Torkan's publication. It's a great achievement, and Roger is a fantastic bloke, so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute. I mean, who doesn't want to draw a muscle-bound, loincloth-clad beast-slayer? I don't often work in traditional colour, and this being my first experiment with watercolours, I scanned the black and white inks just in case I made a hash of it!

Torkan Tribute inks © Anton Emdin 2011

And coloured up, below:

Torkan Tribute inks © Anton Emdin 2011

I'd like to do a little bit more watercolour - it was fun!