Stanleys MAD Panel

Hi Gang! Just a heads up that I'll be doing a MAD panel discussion at the Newcastle 'Stanleys' Conference with illustrator and art director Sam Viviano, cartoonist Glen Le Lievre and Australian MAD editor, Dave (DJ) Williams. MAD Magazine Totally MAD Cover 60 Years of MAD available now from all furshluginner booksellers © EC Publications 2012

Sam will be discussing his career, as well as recounting personal anecdotes and MAD folklore, while the rest of us will offer our own insights into working with the iconic magazine.

It blows my mind to think that I would be a part of this. We're slotted in for Saturday morning - hope to see you there. If you haven't completed your Stanleys registration, here's the link: Be quick!

Sam Viviano and Anton Emdin at the NCS Reubens 2011 MAD's Sam Viviano and I at the 2011 NCS Reuben Awards

In other MAD news, my 8-page Twilight parody is available in the new US MAD (#518), but I'll post some teasers and more info a little later.


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