Merry Christmanukahnewyear!

'Old Santeclause' illustration for Graphic Classics based on excerpts from a poem by Clement C. Moore.  Illustration © Anton Emdin 2012.  All Rights Reserved. Ho! Yes, we've made it through another twelve months, and aren't we all the better for it? It has been a wonderful year, and I look forward to erasing all memory of it in the next few weeks.

So... some highlights: I had the honour of drawing a movie parody for MAD. Yep, they unleashed me on eight pages, and I besides the immediate slump in sales, I don't think they regret it too much. (It's in the current US edition issue if you're quick.)

I also drew around 30 Spectator covers (including quite a few for the UK edition) and of course, my weekly illustrations for People mag, which are a heap of fun! Add commercial and private commissions to the mix for a very full and satisfying creative year.

Oh, and I won a Stanley Award for Illustration. Woo! It's all on the blog (, so give it a burl if you want to see what I've been up to, creatively.

As for the family: my son, Miles, started school and Kung Fu. He's now not only better than me at maths, but can also kick me in the balls with deadly accuracy. April is a classic three-year-old, and turning into a real little character. In fact, she's so much of a silly goofball that I've cancelled the paternity test. Ash's tea room (The Tea Cosy in The Rocks, Sydney) is going gangbusters, too. Many people tell her that the scones are the best in the city, and not just because she has a .38 Special trained on them.

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, Chanukah, Festivus, or whatever the hell you weirdoes choose to celebrate. Stay safe and see you on the other side of the New Year.

Dear, beloved clients -- I will be shutting shop on Friday 21st December 2012 and reopening on Monday 7th January 2013. (If there's anything urgent, give me a call.) Thank you for your commissions and I look forward to creating more fun artwork for you in 2013.


Anton! Signature by and © Anton Emdin 2012. All rights reserved.

The illustration above was created for Graphic Classics' 2012 Christmas card. They are also available for purchase, so head on down for some last minute cards!