MAD's Pope on American Idol

American Idol judges Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey biff it up while ex-Pope Benedict cowers! Illustration for MAD Magazine (#521). Aptly, MAD has released an idiot spotlight here. Check it out, as it includes all the links to get your grubby hands on the current issue. "The Real Reasons Pope Benedict Resigned" written by Jeff Kruse and illustrated by Anton Emdin for MAD Magazine - Published in MAD #521.  © EC Publications 2013.

I've put together a quick process below - please clickity-click for a closer look....MAD#521 Pope Idol Process by Anton Emdin 2013

Basically, we have four quick thumbnail roughs on the top row - from Pope Benny nestled between Carey and Minaj's bosom, to cowering under a fight. Thumb #4 was chosen, so I moved onto the sketch on the bottom left. A small change of Minaj's hair in the revised sketch, and then on to inks (brush and ink on paper) to colour (crushed unicorns with a gopher's tail).

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Anton! Signature by and © Anton Emdin 2012. All rights reserved.