Drinks with KAL

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting the excellent cartoonist, KAL (Kevin Kallagher) whose work graces the pages of The Economist.  KAL was in town for a large speaking event and a few cartoonists from the ACA met up for dinner and drinks. I had donated a sketch to Alan Gardner's The Daily Cartoonist Kickstarter drive, and KAL had (somewhat stupidly) chosen it as his pledge 'prize'.  So I took the opportunity to hand it over in person.

Anton Emdin and KAL, Sydney 2013

Here's KAL and I doing the handover, plus the sketch/inks that he is now presumably using for kindling. If you're interested, the inks ended up like this.

And if you're into top quality cartooning in a lovely printed edition, grab a copy of his new book Daggers Drawn.