alfred e- neuman

Alfred E. Neuman!

Would you believe this is the first time I've drawn MAD magazine's iconic mascot, Alfred E. Neuman?*  It gave me a buzz to do, that's for sure.  Here's a cropped teaser from "Things You May Not Know About the Jury System" (written by Jeff Kruse):

Alfred E. Neuman for MAD magazine by Anton Emdin 2013

The full art will be published in the new MAD (#523) - out on August 27 - so grab yourself a copy to read the whole thing... subscribe today! Click here for the print edition and here to get MAD on your iPad. Here's the cover:

MAD #523 cover

Thanks for looking!

Anton! Signature by and © Anton Emdin 2012. All rights reserved.

* Welll, properly, anyway.  I've drawn his mug really, really small in a couple of other illos.