MAD: Insane Theories of Glenn Beck

Lifelong dream: to work for MAD. Today: TICK!

A few weeks ago I got a call from the US MAD office to draw a half-page illustration of right-wing blowhard Glenn Beck for The Fundalini Pages in the magazine. I was elated!

Ever since I was a kid, I've been dreaming of being one of the 'usual gang of idiots'. After meeting the guys in New York earlier this year, they assured me that my work for the Australian edition of MAD secured my place, and they even let me deface their 'board of shame' in the office. Still, I felt like I was the strange cousin from abroad. You know, the type you have to see at family gatherings once a year. The one with halitosis and the toupee. Until now...*

Here is the piece, below - produced under the art direction of Ryan Flanders. The empty space on the board is for the editors to fill with the "Insane Theories of Glenn Beck This Fall". (For those that don't know, Beck uses a blackboard to concoct crazy ideas and diagrams.) It is published in the US version of MAD #506.

Please click for a closer view...

Insane Theories of Glenn Beck for MAD by Anton Emdin

The published art, below:

Insane Theories of Glenn Beck for MAD by Anton Emdin

* Actually, I'm much the same, but wearing a better suit.