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House Party!

Here's another "DIY: How To..." illustration for Australian People Magazine, this time featuring a fun house party scene. House Party illustration © Anton Emdin 2011

A Quick Process


House Party illustration ideas © Anton Emdin 2011

Before I started this, I wrote out a bunch of gags/scenarios that one might encounter at a house party.

Thumbnail Roughs

House Party illustration thumbnail rough © Anton Emdin 2011

Then I drew this super-quick scribble to put down the layout. I don't often show this very first step, as it's not very pretty, but it is an important one, nonetheless. (I drew this late at night on a pad I keep next to the bed. Often I get ideas as I'm falling asleep.)

Roughs and the Sketch

House Party illustration rough © Anton Emdin 2011

I like to work my sketches up, from very rough (above) to tighter (below)...

House Party illustration rough © Anton Emdin 2011

... to a pretty tight, polished sketch (below)...

House Party illustration sketch © Anton Emdin 2011

... and with that good to go, I start on the inks.


House Party illustration inks © Anton Emdin 2011

This was drawn straight in with the Cintiq, just using a hard brush in Photoshop.

Colour Areas

House Party illustration © Anton Emdin 2011

Then I block out the main areas to make it easier to select, and also start establishing the depth and tone.

Final Colour

From there it's just a matter of painting in and tweaking the colour until it's done. Below is the final art again. Please click for a closer view.

House Party illustration © Anton Emdin 2011

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